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About Nani Mau Gardens

"Forever Beautiful"

Located 3 miles from Hilo on the magnificent Big Island of Hawaii, Nani Mau Gardens showcases 22 acres of gorgeous tropical flowers and plants. "Nani Mau" which translates as "forever beautiful" in Hawaiian is a perfect name for this beautiful garden that first opened to the public in 1972. Featuring 20 acres of artistically landscaped displays of native and exotic tropical flowers and plants, a spectacular orchid garden, rare palms and tropical fruit orchards, a visit to Nani Mau is a favorite of both visitors and residents alike. 

Nani Mau Gardens in Hawaii, was first opened to the public in 1972 and founded by a Japanese immigrant, Makato Nitahara. He transformed a 20 acre papaya patch into a tropical garden. In May 2012, Nani Mau Gardens had a new owner, Ms. Helen Koo, a Chinese-American from Los Angeles, California. Her vision and goal is to create a place of peace and harmony for all to enjoy. A place to experience God’s presence. In 2022, Helen is joined by a few partners to revitalize the iconic garden and restaurant.

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